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There’s nothing that does as much for your company image as a clean workplace. It’s the first impression your clients get about your company, and for your staff. The presentation of your  workplace has an effect on visitors and employees. Errands Service Provider offers its clients the benefits and comforts of a clean working environment, through its daily office cleaning services.

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Are you looking for professional office cleaning Singapore, you are at the right place! The clean and neat office is one important requirement for the employees to work productively and comfortably in the company. The office cleaning generally involves additional costs and this might not at all be possible for the single person with admin or accounting job for having ‘extra’ office cleaning responsibility. Majority of the time, it’s more cost-effective and productive to hire the weekly and daily office cleaning services Singapore that is dedicated to performing the office cleaning duties whereas you can focus on your important business activities.

Getting help of office cleaner Singapore is very important in a lot of different ways. With the well-being of a lot of people on stake, it is important that the building gets cleaned right and perfectly. With a lot of commercial cleaning companies out there in Singapore, we know that it might be really hard to find the right people for this job.

The clean, fresh and tidy office speaks so well of a way you do the business, meet clients as well as earn your living. Regular cleaning of your workspace is the specific process that requires some level of experience and know-how. Therefore, it is good to be done by the team of the Office cleaner agency Singapore who will ensure the best quality office maintenance and cleaning.

Why Select Us As an Office Cleaning Company?

Are you searching for the best part time office cleaning service Singapore? You must choose the Errands Service Provider, particularly if you are looking to find the top cleaning company in Singapore. There’s a lot of cleaning companies in Singapore you can select to help you to clean your office. But, not all have got good service quality. So, you have to find out the right daily office cleaning services that will help you to clean the office rightly. Our clients are pleased happy with our cleaning service. There’re a lot of reasons why you must choose Errands Service Provider as your commercial cleaning experts. Here’re some reasons why we’re considered as a top cleaning service company out there in Singapore.

Can Fit Easily in Your lifestyle!

At Errands Service Provider, we will customize your plan that will fit your schedule. You can tell us the times and dates that you prefer, structure the plan that will fit in your budget and not exceed it! Some cleaning company Singapore provide many different estimated rates, however, the actual bills will exceed your expectations. But, we won’t do that. You can let’s know about your special events, holiday events, parties, spring cleaning or company visiting and we may take care of it.

Proven Method

We use only proven methods that are effective in helping you to clean the office efficiently. We use the best devices and technologies that will keep your office neat and clean. We have our experts workers who can help you to clean your office whenever you want. Thus, there are a lot of people who are very happy with our cleaning service. You may clean your office quickly by taking up our professional cleaning company Singapore.

Secure and Professional

You must have the people in your home and around the family you may trust. In order, to ensure we offer the highly secure service possible, and all our cleaners undergo a thorough background check by the private security firm. Nobody will come to your property till they are background checked, work-history verified and drug-screened.

Call us 24/7

The professional cleaners Singapore are available for 24hours a day and that means you can call us anytime you want the cleaning to be done. This is one reason why you must select us as the favorite commercial cleaning services Singapore. Our customer care agents will help you to clean your office perfectly.

Our part time cleaner Singapore can easily get customized as per your specific needs and preferences. Our teams will follow the well-organized approach for cleaning everything from the top to the bottom. We pay special attention to common areas & high foot traffic premises –kitchen and bathrooms.

Reliable Staff

We know that cleaning is the people led business & we place a high emphasis on well-being & ongoing development of the staff. We take complete pride in the fact that the staff turnover rates will be lower than our competitors.

Our Office Cleaning Solutions Deliver Amazing Results

Get your office space cleaned regularly to ensure that your employees are motivated, healthy, and productive. The clean office impresses your business partners & clients. You can get our cleaning service as a weekly, monthly or one-time cleanup basis. You can take complete benefit of our scheduled cleaning offers as well as make sure your work will be always ready and clean for the business. Different types of cleaning services we offer?

Retail cleaning services 

Errands Service Provider has many years of experience in the retail cleaning; offering best in class retail cleaning services for the high street & out of town parks throughout Singapore. Safety and health regulations make this necessary that all the carpets, floor surfaces, and flooring in the shops, shopping centers, and supermarkets are kept neat and tidy to avoid any accidents and accidental injury.

Our retail cleaning services Singapore Include:

  • Sweep and mop all hard floors
  • Vacuum carpet area
  • Wiping of main glass door /glass panels
  • Empty all waste paper receptacles
  • Wiping of shelves/ countertop
  • Ensure cleanliness of pantry

Gym cleaning Singapore

We will maintain your gym & fitness center by providing gym cleaning Singapore service to clean all the time. It leaves out the separate impression for the visitors & gym members. We offer complete facility management in our gym cleaning services. We restock body wash, shampoos, toilet rolls, paper towels, and sanitizers.

Preschool cleaner Singapore

It is important to keep your daycare or preschool facilities clean so that you will provide a healthy environment for the students & staff. Suppose your school and daycare building isn’t cleaned rightly, it gets breeding ground for the germs causing illness in children. So, cleanliness of the school is an important aspect that must not at all be overlooked by preschool cleaner Singapore. At Errands Service Provider, we offer preschool cleaner solutions to keep the facility clean and ensuring a happy & healthy learning experience for the students & staff.

  • Sweep / Vacuum of floor
  • Mop (All areas Indoor)
  • Sanitise table tops & chairs (all areas)
  • Wipe of entrance door
  • Wipe tables, shelves, cubbies (classrooms/ office/ Welcome Area)
  • Wipe mirrors in all toilets & classrooms
  • Wiping of glass panel
  • Wash all sinks, toilets and toilet mats
  • Throw rubbish (Kitchen/ classrooms/ diaper bin/ Office or principal)


Mindchamps Preschool


Goodhope Holdings

Herbal Basic Healthcare


Braid Logistics


“I am very satisfied with the cleaning staff deployed. She was fast and clean with the cleaning task assigned for her. Thumbs up! Thanks for the arrangements”

– Mr CK Khor

“Cleaning staff deployed was meticulous and attention to details. It feels like she treat this place as her second home”

– Mr Sean Lee

“Cleaning staff deployed was fantastic, we hope there’s another staff like her.”

– Ms Suhana, Administrative & HR Executive

“Service was excellent, feeling blessed that I found you and Aunty Annie. Thank you.”

– Ms Wenda, Office Manager

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Our commitment is to provide quality cleaning services at real world rates. We are a down to earth company that puts our clients before us and go the extra mile whenever we can. We pride ourselves in our expertise in customizing to our customer’s individual needs and have gained tremendous recognition by providing world class household and industrial cleaning specialists that always surpass our customer’s expectations. We also value your loyalty and have the best loyalty program so you keep coming back.

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